Understanding The Science Of Motivation Could Help You Achieve Your New Year's Resolution

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Now that we're a week deep into 2016, it's time to reevaluate those New Year's resolutions that may have already been broken by now. In fact, it's pretty much a running joke that no resolution will ever be accomplished, so there might not be a point in setting them.

Why is that? When people set their resolutions, it's typically something they feel passionate about and have every intention of seeing through. But almost like clockwork, the drive to go after that goal starts to fade and it's not too long before it's given up on completely. It's not uncommon at all and understanding why it happens could make it easier to avoid those pitfalls.

Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit of AsapSCIENCE have made a new video explaining how the brain reacts to motivation and, maybe more importantly, what causes it to lose interest. The brain's reward center can be a pretty fickle thing and it can definitely be affected in a big way by things that might not be immediately obvious.

Check out the science of motivation here and find out how to keep your brain focused on your goals:

Greg and Mitchell also made a video on their alternate channel AsapTHOUGHT providing eight super-simple tips to use the science of motivation in your favor, allowing you to achieve your goals and take over the world (well, achieve your goals, anyway) in no time.

Check it out here:

How will you use this information to help you achieve your goals? Let us know in the comments!

Cover image: AsapSCIENCE


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