He Hasn't Had Any Formal Training, But This Artist Creates Some Of The Coolest Surreal Images We've Ever Seen


Sammy Slabbinck is an artist, illustrator and Viner from Belgium who uses photography and surreal imagery to create captivating collages unlike anything else.

"Inspiration can come in from every angle," Slabbinck told A+ in an email. "But mainly it's association that does the trick. One image can trigger your imagination and [then] a story develops in my head."

"I just then try to write a good story, think of different plots & eventually translate that story into a visual," Slabbinck added.

"The images are cut up into pieces and redistributed, playing with exaggeration and proportions. Other times, the images are placed in a reverse context,
juxtaposing modern ideals with traditional states of mind," according to Slabbinck's site

'Mind the Beatles, darling !'

When asked what his favorite works were, Slabbinck told A+, 

' Mind the Beatles, darling' is still a collage I really like. [It] still makes me smile and had a whole lot of response to it because people immediately get the image. [There's] no real story [behind it] – it took awhile to get the idea of putting the Abbey Road image before the car. Suddenly the idea came and I started laughing out loud... always a good sign.

Surprisingly, Slabbinck hasn't always wanted to be an artist. "There wasn't really a master plan," he said in the email. "I come from a line of artists in my family so I always had an interest in art. I even had my own art gallery for three years.
Only later on in my life I started my creative experiments and found that the collage technique was really my thing and haven't stopped creating since." 

"It's almost like an addiction," he added.

Slabbinck told A+ that as a "pop art lover" he likes artists like Warhol, Rauschenberg, Oldenburg, Villeglé and Ed Ruscha among others.

"I really like the freedom they created in art at that period of time and adding a sort of mirror on society. Using existing images and retranslating them into new stories is also what I love about making collages," he said. 

"I never had a practical education in art so I discovered a lot while I went along," Slabbinck told A+.

Two years ago, Slabbinck discovered Vine and started using it as a medium to create new works. "The stop motion technique opened up a whole new array of creative possibilities for me and I started using vintage images to create mini stories, often topped with a layer of humor," he told A+.  "[I] Still enjoy making vines, coming up with storyboards, [and I] had the chance to do some advert Vines... so it's becoming a real part of my work."

Recently, Slabbinck's work was shown at the BLDG Gallery in Covington, Kentucky. 

"The BLDG show is going well. But their idea to work on the photographs of Gene Spatz wasn't easy for me partly because I have too much respect for the original images. I tried out a transfer technique for this project to not destroy the spirit of the original photograph," Slabbinck told A+.

Overall, the art community has responded positively toward Slabbinck's intriguing works.

"The feedback has always been great," he explained. "The beauty of the internet is that I can reach so many people all over the world in just one click. So it's always great to receive comments from all over on something you just created." 

Now this talented artist is working on creating "original collages for an upcoming show." They'll be made with paper, which is "always very challenging, rewarding, and fun," according to Slabbinck. 

For more of Slabbinck's art, be sure to check out his siteTumblrInstagramVine, or online shops.

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