This Comic Perfectly Sums Up Why Women's History Month Is So Important

So many other women's accomplishments aren't celebrated.

Often, when we talk about women's history, very few women — mostly big names like Marie Curie and Amelia Earhart — come to mind. 

"Of course their accomplishments are great and worth celebrating, but the point of Women's History Month isn't just to acknowledge a few token women over and over again," artist Rebecca Cohen said. "It's to uncover all the times and places in history when women were there, having an impact — but now they get ignored by the History textbooks."

Which is why Cohen dove into the topic and found "dozens, maybe hundreds" of women who received little to no recognition for their contributions. A passionately political comic writer, she then narrowed her list down to six women and created a comic that highlights why we need Women's History Month.

The resulting poster features snippets of six women from different cultures whose achievements in science, politics, education, aviation and leadership greatly shaped the societies they lived in.

Cohen's comic for Women's History Month is in the same vein as her other artwork, including the superhero parody webcomic The Adventures of Gyno-Star. Her dab of dry humor in addressing social issues is a refreshing, colorful take on conversations that play out in the media and online. 

"For one thing," she said, "I'd like to shatter the 'humorless feminist' stereotype. But also, humor (particularly satire) is a wonderfully potent weapon. It's a great tool for making the powerful seem less intimidating, shedding light on social problems and provoking thought while also entertaining."

To see more of Cohen's work, follow her on Twitter.


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