People From Famous Paintings Meet Real Life In This Clever Artwork From A Brazilian Artist

Pretty clever.

"Great masters having great times," states the description of the Art.Lies Instagram account. And it delivers on that promise. 

The account features some of our favorite characters from classic paintings — be it Edvard Munch's "The Scream" or one of Frida Kahlo's self portraits — juxtaposed with real life people and places.

Despite what the Instagram account states, the artist behind the project is not Lorenzo Castellini.

"My real name is Loro Verz. [It's the] first time i am telling that to a journalist," Verz told A Plus. "I decided to create another artist called Lorenzo Castellini to run a parallel project with my ongoing one and use cut outs to show how surreal is living in Sao Paulo!"   

To create these surreal snaps, Verz uses a technique he calls "aorcollage". He "air collages" people, or rather cut outs, over day-to-day situations .

"Cities are not textures or architecture. Cities are people," the artist explained.

Scroll down to see his work. We have to say, these are pretty clever.

Which one was your fav?

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