Armless Cricket Player Becomes An Inspiration

“I have never accepted defeat."

When 8-year-old Amir Hussain Lone delivered lunch to his brother at his father's cricket bat sawmill, he lost both his arms in a bandsaw accident. The doctors tried to save his upper extremities, but they couldn't.

Whatever little money his family had went to his treatment and recovery.

"I had to sell my land to get him treated," his father, Bahir Ahmad Lone, said via Fox Sports.

Meanwhile, the teachers in school wouldn't allow Lone to attend because of his condition. He had to be home-schooled, which is also where he learned how to bathe himself and wash his clothes without arms. But Lone's greatest challenge would be learning how to play cricket, one of his favorite hobbies.

Having arms is basically essential to playing the game of cricket, as it is needed to bat and bowl.

In a recent YouTube video from Barcroft TV, Lone found a unique way to play cricket. He places the cricket bat between his neck and shoulder. He also bowls and fields with his feet. And he's using his new skills to pursue cricket head on.

"Since then whatever Amir heard and saw, he has never lost courage," his brother Rammex told Barcroft TV.

At age 26, Lone tried out for a state para-cricket team in Northern India ­— and he made it to the team, and became an inspiration for all.

"I have never lost hope," he told Barcroft TV. "I have never accepted defeat. I have always said that I will keep going. This has been my desire."

Watch the full video:

(H/T: Mashable)

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