Animals Without Their Fur Will Probably Freak You The F*** Out

This is pretty weird.

When you think of a dog or cat, or some of the world's most beautiful creatures, you probably imagine them in all their unique, furry glory.

But what happens when you strip away the full-body coverage us humans lost with evolution? What happens when an animal that was once covered in feathers or fur is suddenly bald, protected only by an almost human-like layer of skin?

Well, things get pretty freaking weird. That's what. And awesome, you know, if you come in open minded. Here are some really, really staggering photos of animals you know without their fur. At the end of the article, we'll tell you which animal is which. 








Pretty weird, right?

Here are your answers:

1. Bear

2. Chimpanzee

3. Pregnant cat

4. Rabbit

5. Baboon

6. Penguin

7. Raccoon