10 Times Animals Were Just Like You

Wildly familiar.

1. This dog showing off.

Just trying to impress the ladies.

4. These two lounging.

Who's the big spoon?

7. This guy who just wants to hang.

It's time to wake up! 

10. This lizard having a little jam session.

"Don't worry about a thing / 'Cause every little thing's gonna be all right."

13. This pup hard at work.

The boss has arrived.

16. Post-workout cool down.

Get a load of these muscles.

19. Napping with your favorite toy.

Childhood at its finest.


Someone get this guy a latte, STAT.

25. We're going out!

Club's going up on a Tuesday.

28. And this bear who's just like... HELLO.

We're over here!

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