19 Animals That Really Need You To Get Your Butt Out Of Bed

No pressing snooze with these furballs.

Pet parents, you know that sleeping in isn't really sleeping in when you have an animal. At least, not without getting shamed for it in the form of stare downs, licks, jumping on heads and such. 

The below 19 animals just want their hoomins to get the heck up and we chose some things they're (probably, most likely) thinking in the process. 

1. "I'll just wait here until you're ready."

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2. "OK, it's been one minute, get up."

I'm sick of cat pics. Here's my pup Harry waking me up.

3. "I'm getting tired of your sh*t."

Waking up from a nap and I think if I move my cat will kill me.

4. "Ready to get up yet?!"

Looking after Mum's dog. Every day when I wake up...

5. "I'll just sit real close and wait then."

6. "Like, REAL CLOSE."

My alarm clock smells like dog breath

7. "And stare you down."

8. *Stares*

9. *Creepy stares*

10. "This isn't working ..."


12. "And sit on you!"


14. "Please, get up, hoomin!"

15. "Will puppy eyes work?"

16. "Look at the eyes!"

17. "Seriously, though, get the hell up."

18. "Pweeeease?!"

This is how my cat wait for me to wake up in the morning

19. "Hello?!"

Cat alarm clock