Forget Cribs, This Is The Dopest House You're Going To Find


If "MTV Cribs" was to make a comeback, the show could start in Australia.

There, overlooking Fairhaven Beach in Victoria, is the incredible Pole House. Described as a "freestanding luxury beach house," this crib is about as unique as they come. It has floor-to-ceiling windows, retracting glass walls, a modern kitchen, fireplace, a king-size bed and — of course — an amazing view of the ocean. 

After seeing the pictures below, you're going to want to stay in this house. And guess what? You can: Rentals are available here, and all you need is $440-$1,120 a night. 

OK, so that's a lot of money. Plus a plane ticket if you aren't from Australia. But still, you can dream, right?

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