Artist Photoshops Classical Paintings Into Modern Settings

There are angels in the subways.

What would it be like if angels played in subway stations or Mary Magdalene sat thinking in a storefront?

Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov imagines just that.

'Every day you travel on the same route and if you [can] see it transferring to something magical and beautiful, it [will] make you happier and [catch] your eye,' Kondakov tells A Plus in an email.

So Kondakov focuses on shared experiences, both past and present, that are often exhibited in art.

Furthermore, he argues that "by inviting these characters to 'visit' our reality, we reveal a common humanity that binds us all — one that transcends the ages," according to

The resulting, Photoshopped images Kondakov creates are nothing short of spectacular. 

In one, he takes a painting by Caesar van Everdingen, formerly titled "Nymphs Offering the Young Bacchus Wine, Fruit and Flowers," and Photoshops the scene beneath a current bridge near Osokorki, a neighborhood in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

Kondakov tells A Plus that he really did not expect such success, but that he is very "happy that everyone felt themselves close to the atmosphere happening [in] the drawings."

The artist adds that Photoshop, as an artistic tool, requires skill and patience just like using watercolors, acrylics or silkscreen printing.

And it looks like he's getting it right.

Check out more of Kondakov's work below:

(H/T: Urbanist)