Aerie's Male Underwear Campaign Was A 'Parody,' But Men Need Body Positivity Too

No one is laughing at this announcement.

Last week, lingerie company Aerie launched a YouTube video announcing the start of a campaign called #AerieMan, intended to begin a conversation about the importance of body positivity in men.

According to Mic, the #AerieMan campaign was an April Fools' parody. Much of the video — including the bubble baths, the dancing,  and the yoga — was apparently fictionalized. The Aerie website confirms that some aspects of #AerieMan were just for laughs.

"This AEO campaign was not, and is not, a joke," a representative from Aerie told A Plus. "We hoped that the #AerieMan parody would hit a nerve and start an important conversation. That was always our intention. Our campaign was a way to launch our commitment to forego all retouching of our men's images for swim and underwear this holiday, and believe this is a solid step forward. While our approach may not have been for everyone, we aimed to reach as many men and women as possible to talk about the importance of body positivity and diversity.  We're pleased that our campaign has successfully sparked an important dialogue."

Many people on Twitter questioned Aerie's approach to using a serious subject, like body positivity, as an April Fools' parody. Here are 11 of the best responses on Twitter.












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