This Is Her Last Christmas. Let's Make Her Final Wish Come True

Make a difference.

Today recently posted an article on their website about Addie Fausett, a 6-year-old girl from Fountain Green, Utah with a mysterious brain disorder that, heartbreakingly, leaves her with less than a year to live.

As if that weren't painful enough to try to fathom, there's also this: the nature of the disorder is such that her mental capacity will deteriorate to the point where she will no longer know who she is or who her family is. 

In addition to this, Addie and her sisters Audree, 7, and Shayley, 10 are reeling from their father's unexpected death last week. 

In order to make this Christmas a special one for Addie, her family, in conjunction with the non-profit organization Children and the Earth, is asking people to send Addie and her sisters enough Christmas cards for a lifetime of memories. 

Today reports that Addie and her sisters especially like homemade cards. If you'd like to send Addie and her sisters a card, you may send them here:

BOX 162

If you'd like to leave other messages of encouragement, you can visit Addie's Facebook page here.

Please help make this little girl's last Christmas something special.

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