Wisconsin Player Forgets Mic Is On When He Comments On Woman’s Appearance

If you're going to make a public gaffe, make sure it's this adorable.

After making it into the Sweet 16, some of Wisconsin's players sat on a press conference to discuss the NCAA championship and their upcoming game against North Carolina. Before things got going, the players were asked to test their microphones to make sure the stenographer could hear them. 

Nigel Hayes, who plays Forward for the Badgers, successfully tested his mic and then must have almost instantly forgotten it worked. He turned to teammate Frank Kaminsky and whispered, "God, she's beautiful."

As laughter filled the room and Hayes realized his microphone was on, he hid behind his hands in embarrassment. 

The video is probably the most endearing thing you’ll see all day.

The team was introduced to the artistry of stenography earlier this week, and learned how long words are quickly recorded for transcripts.

In the press conference that followed, Hayes peppered his replies with unnecessary large words that the stenographer would have to work a bit harder to transcribe. She rose to the challenge and flawlessly captured words like "soliloquy," "xylophone," and "antidisestablishmentarianism."

If the Badgers bring as much enthusiasm to the game as they do to having fun at press releases, they shouldn't have any problem taking on the Tar Heels.

[H/T: 247sports]