Artist Transforms Human Hair Into Gorgeous Jewelry And There's A Heartwarming Idea Behind It

It's more than just a fashion statement.

Changes and losses in life can be extremely harsh. But Sybille Paulsen, a Berlin based jewelry designer, is keen on helping people who are going through dark times. And she does that the only way she knows how: by making jewelry. 

For her on-going project titled "Tangible Truths", Paulsen uses the hair of women who undergo chemotherapy to create stunning necklaces. Whoa, these jewelry pieces certainly make a statement.

"Like many other people I came in contact with the illness cancer in my close surroundings," Paulsen told A+. "Deeply touched by this experience I developed the concept for "Tangible Truths" bit by bit. I was looking into the transformative force in art and how this could support people during this difficult time. The jewelry is supposed to work like a symbol or an anchor- reminding the patient of the love and support they experienced during this time."

Mary Beth, the first cancer patient that trusted the artist with her hair, explains her feelings towards the project on Paulsen's website:

What Sybille created touched me really deeply. The free flow design of the project meant that my hair had not been transformed simply into a piece of art that was separate from me, the flow of the necklace she created somehow seemed to still hold pieces of me within it. The waves of the hair ... still looked so alive and so full of life...  [...]

I love the idea of helping create beauty out of what for many of us is a ugly process: chemotherapy. 

As Poulsen explained to A+, the majority of reactions towards the project were positive, however admittedly some people do find human hair as a material for jewelry to be rather uncanny. 

"For me as a designer it is a highly valuable and unique material and for my clients it is a material that carries a lot of their identity in it."

If you'd like to read more about Paulsen's project or get involved, make sure to check out her website.

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