He Secretly Films His Single Mom Only To Create This Brilliant Dating Ad

Are you the man for Eva or know someone who could be?

"My mother, Eva, [is] single and deserves a good man," YouTuber Alex Norgay writes on his YouTube channel.

So to help his mom find a boyfriend, Norgay spent the last year unbeknownst to her working on a video that advertises... welll... her. Yep. You read that just right. He created an ad advertising his mom to men. But before you start raising your eyebrows, let us assure you that this ad is nothing less but brilliant. 

As you will see in the video below, Eva herself is absolutely taken aback by it. But in the best possible way.

"My gosh... Alex. What do you want to do with this?" she asks him after watching the video.

"I was thinking of putting it on the Internet and hopefully people spread [it] around and we'll find you a good man," her son answers.

"Deep inside we all want the same thing — to love and be loved. And it is with those words that I'd like to introduce you to my mother," says Norgay in the video.

As the video later explains, Eva loves cross country skiing, yoga, art and beer. Gentlemen, she's an absolute catch.

Hearts. Officially. Melting. 

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