Activist Group Really Puts Women On The Map

It's a must-have.

There’s been a rumor going around that it’s a man’s world. Rest assured, this is entirely and categorically untrue.

All around the world throughout history, women have been achieving things worth celebrating. Most of these accomplishments have been overlooked, because men are celebrated through street names, stamps, parades, statues, and currency far more often than women.

A newly-announced project from a group called SPARK (Sexualization Protest Action Resistance Knowledge) seeks to change that by putting "her-story" on the map, literally. SPARK is using Google's Field Trip app, which sends a user notifications when they are near a place of interest to explore or to impart a bit of local history. Women on the Map sends an alert to check out sites that celebrate the achievements of women.

The best part of this initiative is that the locations that will pop up in the app are researched and reported to Field Trip by young women ages 18-22.

To date, these passionate ladies from around the world have made entries for over 100 remarkable women and are constantly working towards adding more. These locations include their hometowns, alma matters, locations where they actually made history, and more.

Once you've downloaded the app on Android or iOS devices, click on "Historic Places & Events" to make sure that "SPARK: Women on the Map" is checked. If it is, you're good to go and will start receiving notifications when you are near one of the historic locations.

Support their initiative by downloading Google's Field Trip app check out SPARK's website and connect using #WomenOnTheMap.

Check it out: