This Artist Is Turning The Harassment She Faces About Her Weight Into Beautiful Art

"My way of dealing with the harassment is to turn it into something positive."

Artist and activist Rachele Cateyes knows all too well what it's like to experience cyberbullying, harassment and fat-phobic insults. 

She's worked on a number of body positive and feminist projects, maintained a popular blog and self-published a book titled How to be a Fat B*tch about her experiences as a 300-pound woman. As you can probably imagine, putting her work out there on the Internet has caused plenty of trolls to do their worst. 

Not only has Cateyes read and heard exceptionally hurtful comments, but even experienced her photo being stolen as the "before" image for a diet plan without her permission

"I'm really tired of having to justify who I am and sit around while I am Photoshopped, turned into gross memes and [made] the target of hate," Cateyes told BuzzFeed. "My way of dealing with the harassment is to turn it into something positive."

And that's exactly what she's doing with her latest project. Cateyes has been transforming the hateful insults she's heard into adorable, Pinterest-worthy art. 

The empowering body positive messages in her artwork show that no one should feel like they have to apologize for their bodies. She uses vibrant colors and cute imagery to send powerful messages about weight and confidence. 

"By just existing as fat people, we are told that we're glorifying or promoting obesity," Cateyes told BuzzFeed. "We are harassed under the guise of 'being concerned for our health.' "

Instead of being brought down by the harassment, she's reclaiming the insults, challenging them and hoping to empower people to be confident in who they are regardless of their size. 

Check out some of her vibrant body positive artwork:












(H/T: BuzzFeed)

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