This Man Proposed With A Little Help From The Local Police And It's All Kinds Of Adorable

"You're such a..."

Back in 2013, a young man got pulled over by a Royal Oak Police officer... while on his first date with a young woman. Oooops.

Exactly two years later, the story seemed to repeat itself — the same man with the same woman got pulled over once more.

This time, however, it's more than just a mere coincidence.

When searching the man, a police officer "finds" something a little suspicious on him.

"What's this right here in your pocket?" the officer inquires. 

What? Now we're getting curious too.

Officers ask the woman to step out of the vehicle.

"Where do you guys live? So you didn't see him taking anything out of the room?" they ask her. "[...] He's not supposed to have anything like that."

Just tell us what it is already!

Moments later, one of the officers reveals what he found in her boyfriend's possession and it's ... an engagement ring box.

"Can you explain what this is?"

Her first words when she realizes that her boyfriend is about to propose? "You're such a di**."

Weirdly enough, it's actually kind of super cute. 

She didn't see this coming, now did she?

Awww. Congrats, lovebirds!

Watch the entire proposal below.

These police officers were damn good at keeping their faces straight. Well played, you guys.

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