2 Guys Climb The Second Tallest Tower In The World Only To Snap This Jaw-Dropping Selfie


Ukrainian Vitaliy Raskalov and Russian Vadim Makhorov are a pair of photographers behind the project On The Roof. Just last year they got on everyone's radar after climbing the Shanghai Tower and snapping some seriously bone-chilling photos. 

Now they are back, this time with a selfie snapped on top of the second tallest tower in the world. We get weak in the knees just looking at it.

"Today's hero of attention is a new financial center [that's] still under construction and is situated in Shenzhen, China" their YouTube channel explains. "Right now its height is about 660 meters and that makes it the second tallest tower in the world. Right after Burj Khalifa in Dubai."

With GoPros attached to their heads, they captured some seriously terrifying footage.  "Hurry up," one of the guys whispers in Russian while they are making their way to the top. "There's a passage."

Check out the entire video below. Mind. Blown.

How far is too far to snap a selfie?

Do not tries this at home, peeps.

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