Can You Imagine Living On A Cliff? This House Is Nestled Inside One.

It's equal parts beautiful and terrifying.

If it's your dream to have the perfect view of the Aegean sea in a secluded area, and you aren't afraid of heights — like, at all — you may have just found your dream home. 

Casa Brutale is a conceptual home designed by Netherlands-based architectural company Open Platform for Architecture (OPA), and it's meant to be built within a cliff on an Aegean Island. Yeah, you read that right — It would be wedged literally inside of a cliff. The minimalist design would be built using glass, wood and concrete. 

Aside from the view, the roof design may just be the best part: It's a swimming pool crafted with reinforced glass, set between the concrete walls of the home. Entering the cliff house means descending 50 stairs or taking the elevator. Once you're in, huge glass windows let an abundance of light flow through the residence. 

"Right now, we are working further on solving and designing the engineering and construction aspects for this project," Laertis-Antonios Ando Vassiliou, one of the architects behind the project, told A Plus. "This will be happening in collaboration with an experienced engineering company."

Though they are far from knowing the final price for the house, Vassiliou roughly estimates the construction will be around $1.1 million.

Check out the images of what the house will look like below: 












(H/T: Designboom)

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