Some Students Are About To Take Their Lives To The Next Level — And Start An Insane Trend

It's called RECESS. Get to know it.

After a long, tiring school year, college students deserve to have a little fun — to take a break from the tedium of boring classes and stressful exams. 

They need RECESS

It's the world's first traveling college music and ideas festival that not only gives students the chance to see concerts, but to participate in business pitch competitions, go to an interactive networking fair and see a progressive speaker series. 

Think of it as a version of South By Southwest — only this Spring festival makes pit stops at some of the country's most elite schools.  

Students can experience RECESS as a music festival...

...AND as a way to take their ideas "from the dorm room to the board room."

"RECESS Pitch is a college 'Shark Tank' style competition that gives students the opportunity to take an idea, and evolve it into a world-changing startup," it says in the program's press release.

And Jack Shannon, RECESS co-founder, stresses the idea of valuing ideas over business models. 

"Students benefit far greater from networking and exposure to investors, mentors, [and] advisors than being handed a check," Shannon said.  

The goal of the festival is to help the next generation of entrepreneurs effectively change the world while "fostering an environment of innovation and celebration."

RECESS culminates in a huge, weekend-long event, to which only 15 competition finalists earn admission. They call it "RECESS Field Trip" because it takes place in Venice, California and is a weekend filled with awesome excursions and potentially life-changing networking events. 

A Plus has teamed up with RECESS to cover their tour across the country, and the journey to Venice. It's guaranteed to be fun and we're very excited to see what world-changing ideas these students have dreamed up.  

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