This Mom Transforms Kids Into Creatures Using Her Stellar Face Painting Skills

#4 is definitely the spookiest.

Halloween is just a few weeks away which means it's time to admire talented artists using makeup to transform their faces into mesmerizing masks. In the past, we've shared the works of several of these artists including, "The Painting Lady" who makes nightmarish monster looks, as well as Lisa Houghton who recreates masterpieces on her face.  

Now, we'd like to introduce you to self-taught artist, muralist and face-painter Lynn Hetherington Becker. The mom of three uses face paint to create spooky and beautiful designs on both kids and adults. She started out by face painting during charity and church events, but now does it professionally. 

"I am a professional artist and I love working with color and whimsical subject matter. I am a mom and I also work with children for a living, so I started face painting and took off with it! The body is an amazing canvas and exploring body art has been exciting," she wrote on her Facebook page. "I absolutely love exploring different ways to use the paints and turning someone into something magical!" 

Her work is giving us some serious Halloween inspiration — although we already know our attempt would be more meme-worthy than picturesque. 

Check out some of her work below: 












(H/T: Huffington Post