You Have To See The Insane Slingshot Gun That Shoots 2,000 Marbles Per Minute

Arts & crafts time just got real.

Meet Joerg Sprave: The man who builds amazing slingshots.

Sprave's designs aren't anything like the slingshot you used as a kid. One of his latest creations is a slingshot that can spit out 2,000 marbles per minute, which is just a little bit insane.

His rig is able to shoot the marbles out so quickly because it is powered by a chainsaw.

Yeah, seriously. This dude built a crazy chainsaw-powered, marble-shooting machine gun.

Meet The Slingshot Heavy
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The video is a parody of Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortress 2, but the slingshot itself is no joke. While the chainsaw gun is capable of shooting out cheap marbles at an incredibly high rate, Sprave said in the comments of the video that low-end ammo tends to shatter upon impact, making an already dangerous mechanism all the more treacherous.

Check out the amazing gun in action.

P.S. Don't try this at home. A Plus is not responsible for whatever combination of chainsaws and marbles you come up with, nor the resulting shards of glass that will inevitably get lodged into your eyeballs. 

[H/T: Popular Mechanics]