‘Girl You Don’t Need Makeup’ Sketch Prompted Twitter Frenzy From Naturally Beautiful Women

Amy Schumer nails it again.

That's the approach the endlessly hilarious Amy Schumer took on last night's episode of "Inside Amy Schumer" on Comedy Central. The sketch "Girl, You Don't Need Makeup" features a One Direction-esque boyband singing a parody of 1D's "What Makes You Beautiful."

The boys serenade Schumer as she gets ready to head out for the day, telling her to go wash off all of her makeup because it isn't necessary for a natural beauty such as her. Upon seeing her fresh face, they quickly backpedal, and tell her to wear a little "natural-looking" makeup. 

They then realize that isn't even enough and eventually tell her to "think of a clown and then work [her] way back." Ultimately, even with her face caked in makeup, they decide to leave her for someone else.

Check it out here:

The video highlights how unnecessary it is for a woman to change her appearance, even with just a little makeup, based on how other people perceive her. Schumer asked her followers on Twitter to send her fresh-faced selfies with #girlyoudontneedmakeup to celebrate their naturally beautiful selves.

Here are some of the beautiful women who answered Schumer's call:

What did Amy Schumer think of the response she got?