Man Teaches Dog To Send Selfies


Training a new puppy typically consists of teaching them how to to sit, not bark at squirrels, and not pee on the carpet.

Not content to let his new pooch only learn the bare minimum of housetraining talents, Greg Baugues taught his dog, Kaira, to take and send selfies by simply standing on a big red button until the shutter clicks. The image is automatically sent via text message to Baugues' phone.

The homemade rig was developed by Baugues himself, and is described in detail on a Twilio blog post.

When Kaira stands on the button (which is sticking out of a cigar box), a signal is sent to a pair of processors that tell a webcam to take a picture. Then the image goes into a dropbox and is sent out as a text, Baugues explains on Twilio. The program is a mere 60 lines long, and all of the supplies needed for the electrical components are easy to come by

Baugues explains that Kaira was trained to step on the button by giving the command "Selfie" and rewarding her with a treat after the picture is taken.

Though it might seem unnecessary to have a dog send out selfies, it was a logical next step after, using a similar method, Baugues trained Kaira to turn on a lamp by pressing a button on the floor. With the simple command "Lamp," Kaira springs into action and pushes the button. 

Hey, it's a lot cuter than a Clapper, right? 

Although, we do have to wonder: What will Baugues teach his dog to do next?

[H/T: Twilio]