These Are The Notes Written By Abusive Men. The Events That Followed After They Were Forgiven Are Tragic.

The harsh reality.

What if you are actually in love with a man who beats you? And you believe he can change. And he tells you he will.

Now Vida Mujer, a Peruvian NGO dedicated to women's rights, has just released a book titled "No Te Mueras Por Mi" ("Do Not Die For Me") which reveals the bone chilling realities of being in an abusive relationship. 

The book is organized into two parts — white and black.

The white part features 25 apology letters, emails and text messages written by abusive men to their girlfriends and wives. Their apologies sound genuine and for a split second we believe them too. The black part, however, reveals the dark events that followed after these apologies were sent.

The book reveals how hard leaving an abusive relationship can be. Scroll down to read some of apology letters and the shocking stories surrounding them.


The email to Andrea reads:

My love, I apologize from the bottom of my heart!!!
What happened yesterday was not my intention. 
You know I love you even though I made I mistake, it's never going to happen again!!!
I love you, you know it, anyone can make a mistake.
I'm not going to drink again, I swear.
The most important thing in my life is you.
You know, I can't sleep thinking about how I screwed up, we have been together for years and you know I love you. 

You are my queen, you're never going to stop being my queen, you are my women, no one else's!!

Please, reconsider, if you want I can show you I will change.
I swear.  
I love you .
Forgive me!!  
Forgive me!!!   

The one who loves you most in the world

Months later, Andrea suffered a head trauma after Ginkarlo, her husband and the author of this email, hit her with a tool box.


The message to Milagros reads:

My love you know that what we have is unique.
No one has what we have.
That is why we have to protect it.

ForeverTogether Babbbyyyy

Three months after this message was sent, Milagros was beaten so hard that it left her permanently disfigured. Only then did Milagros break up with the man.


The email to Carla reads:

I am sad.
I am sad for not being by your side right now.
I am sad that I screwed up. It wasn't my intention to disrespect that way. [...] I lost control, but it will never happen again.
Because I love you.
Without you, I'll die Carla.
[...] I swear this will not happen again.
I want this to be nothing more than a bad night we forget.
Forget this incident.
Turn a new page and move forward, together.
You and I.
Carla, you are the love of my life and I'm the same to you.
Do not let a silly mistake put an end to all of this.
[...] I love you.
I adore you.
I need you. [...]


A year later Carla had a miscarriage after Victor punched her in the stomach. Carla is no longer able to have kids.

"It represents the confusion of the woman between not knowing whether she made a mistake or did something wrong to cause the beatings," Juliana Calderon, founder of Vida Mujer, told teleSUR. "[It shows] how much she can forgive, confronting something like this, thinking that the man was trustworthy."

"No Te Mueras Por Mi" is currently available in Spanish only, but Vida Mujer is working on an English translation to help raise awareness beyond the borders of Peru, Konbini reports.

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(H/T: teleSUR, Konbini)