Here’s What Facebook Would Look Like If It Got Rid Of Everything You Hate

Poor Craig.

Facebook users can be a fickle bunch. No matter what a person’s Facebook habits are, the subject matter, frequency, or spelling will never be enough to please everyone.

Post about the plot twist in the latest episode of your favorite show? Watch the spoilers, jerk, not everyone has gotten the chance to watch it yet. 

Make a post telling people to stop spoiling shows for others? Just for that, I'm telling you what happened and the spoilers I found online.

Want to post the third picture of your kid this morning? Yes, you've reproduced, we get it.

Post saying how you're happy you don't have kids? So do you think you're better than everyone else or something?

Sharing your opinion on a news story? Oh, you just have all of the answers, don't you?

Someone saying they don't understand that news story? Why don't you grow up and learn what's going on in the world?

Have a really funny joke going with your friends only to have a relative totally ruin it? Uncle Joe, get the hell off the internet!

Uncle Joe gets the hell off the internet? Ugh, now I have to call him if I want to ask him about something, which is a lot more work.

College Humor took some of the most common complaints that Facebook users have and explored what would happen if everything we hate on our favorite website were to finally vanish. What would we be left with? 

Watch the video and find out:

Yes, Facebook is where people share details of their lives. Some of it makes us feel happy, jealous, thoughtful, angry, sad, or annoyed, but it usually makes us feel something. At the end of the day, feeling those emotions about one another's lives is something we all want, even if we do gripe about it from time to time. 

[Images via: YouTube/CollegeHumor]