French Photographer Travels The World Only To Reveal The Beauty Of Turning 30

"I don’t really care about being 30, I am confident enough to just do not care.”

Last May, Stephane Domingues, a Parisian photographer, packed his bags and left for a round-the-world trip to capture lives of 30-year-olds for his project "Being30yo."

"I knew how life is in my country (France) and my city (Paris) was, but I wanted to meet people who are around my age and share a slice of their lives," Domingues, who's currently traveling in Japan, told A+.

Domingues himself turned 30 in December, 2013. As he explained, there's something very special about it:

"I think that the 30's is the decade during which you assert yourself. You become who you want to be — after spending your 20s learning who you were (be it your taste, values or interests) and building your life (studies or first jobs)."

Armed with his camera, Domingues is now traveling the world to explore the similarities and the differences of 30-year-olds from around the globe.

Scroll down to meet the people he captured on camera.

Monique. Cape Town, South Africa.

"Getting to my 30s, I really want to have children and I actually plan to."

Gaston. Ushuaia, Argentina.

"I always forget my age!! But I think that we get experienced and become more mature."

Andualem. Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

"I had some prejudices about the different religions: Protestants, Orthodoxes and Muslims. Whereas now I do think that all human beings are the same. [...] I do not stick to one vision anymore."

Magdalena. Puerto Tranquilo, Chile.

"The only thing that changed is that, when someone ask my age, I try to avoid saying it."

Zoltan. Budapest, Hungary.

"My friends told me, 'after 30, it is like on the B side of a K7, all things are going down.' I don't see it happening for me."

Sindani. Masai Village, Tanzania.

"Family life is the most important thing for me. I have five children of approximately thirteen, ten, eight, four and two years old."

Stefanie. New York, United States.

"I don't really care about being 30, I am confident enough to just do not care."

Paola. Lima, Peru.

"Ten years ago, I thought by my 30s, I would be living in the USA in my own house; married to the boyfriend I was with (we dated for almost 8 years), with children and working as a medical biller. Today, my life is totally different. I live in Peru, I work as a hostel manager and I am single without kids. I am so happy and proud of the person I became."

Anne. Paris, France.

"I am 30, I don't feel old, I'm young at heart... That's what really matters."

Budget. Manchewe, Malawi.

"I had my first kid at the age of 29 and I hadn't any idea of how to raise children. For me, this is the real turning point!"

Janice. San Paulo, Brazil.

"I have a lot to do in a really short time… Travel as much as possible, get married and have children and write a book… I need dreams to be happy!"

Bori. South Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

"Until I get enough cows, I am young."

Maceo. Los Angeles, USA.

"They say that in your 30's you settle in your identity, and I feel that's very much truth…"

Ines. Salta, Argentina.

"I am so proud of who I became, I feel much more independent than the model I imagined."

Kevin. Cape Town, South Africa.

"I don't feel old, just more experienced and that's really a good thing!"

You can read full stories of each and every 30-year-old Domingues met on Being30yo website. To keep track of the project, check out it's Facebook page.

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