He Uses Clever Photo Manipulation Techniques To Create Surreal Scenes


Anil Saxana, a Mumbai-based illustrator, clearly does not lack imagination. And we have some pretty dope photos to prove it.

Armed with photoshop, Saxana combines a bunch of unrelated images to create new ones that tell surreal stories — be it a lady hanging zebra stripes out to dry or a man knitting a green field, we just can't get enough of this artist's work. 

As Saxana explains on his Behance profile, his work is inspired by the thought of empowering men to be in control of nature.

"Everyday we come across how human beings are pushing their limits and seem to be in a race with the nature," he writes. "Human beings have been and will continue trying to ape the nature [...]. That was the idea behind my artwork, the dream that mankind is striving to achieve; to be the Creator."

Scroll down to see Saxana's work. So simple, yet so clever. We already have our favorites. Do you?

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