The 22 Most Extreme Selfies Ever Taken

The 22 Most Extreme Selfies Ever Taken

These really take selifes to the next level. I don't even understand how #14 was taken!


22. INTENSE kitesurfing selfie

21. Skydiver selfie

20. Exotic cat selfie

19.Top Gun selfie


17. Jesus selfie

16. BMX selfie

15. Geronimo! selfie

14. WTF!?

13. Glad I wasn't on this guy's plane.

12. Diving selfie

11. NASCAR selfie

10. Chopper selfie

9. S.O.S. selfie

8. You've got to be kidding me.

7. I don't understand.

6. Gnarly surfing selfie

5. Rodeo selfie

4. Balloon jump selfie

3. Selfie of the Artist as a Woman Diving with Jellyfish

2. I would hate to be this kid's mother.


This puts even the most ambitious self-photographers to shame. If you like this incredible series, be sure to share it with your friends. Click the button below now.

Source: and Genesis Reyes (#22)
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