2-Year-Old Born With A Rare Condition Undergoes Reconstructive Surgery, And Her Future Is Bright

Incredibly touching.

Violet Pietrok was born with a condition called frontonasal dysplasia, which causes widened facial features and a large central cleft.

So, Violet underwent surgery utilizing 3D printing techniques at the Children's Hospital in Boston. Now, the 2-year-old's family tells ABC News that the little girl is finally smiling and laughing again.

Prior to the surgery, "Violet's eyes were set so far apart, her vision was more like a bird's than a human's. She also had no cartilage in her nose," writes CBC News reporter David Common. 

But after the team in Boston took MRIs of Violet's skull, they were able to replicate it using a 3D printer.  

In "Violet's Journey," a four part series from Boston Children's Hospital, Violet's mother, Alicia, explains her daughter's transitions.

Alicia wants Violet's story to instill hope in others.

"The center of this is to show other families that there is hope. As dark as it can look sometimes, there's always hope," Alicia says in "Violet's Journey." 

Alicia also notes that down the road, Violet's doctor, Dr. John Meara, will have Violet back for some minor touch-ups. 

Perhaps even more importantly, Alicia hopes Violet's condition will create awareness in others. "If you see someone staring at you and [they] turn and walk off, it makes you feel different and it will make her feel shunned," she tells ABC.

Watch "Violet's Journey" below:

(H/T: ABC News)

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