15 Delightfully Nerdy Desserts That Are Comic-Con Worthy And Delicious

Geek culture meets baked goods.

Geek culture icons in comic books, novels and movies are everywhere today. There are nerdy kitchen gadgets, nerdy nails and now there are nerdy desserts. And the best part about these desserts is that you don't even have to like nerdy culture to enjoy them, although it does totally help.

Here are 15 nerdy cakes and cupcakes that are so good, they turn dessert into the greatest Comic-Con ever:

1. The tastiest thing in science.

Periodic Table of Cupcakes

2. Cupcakes fit for a wizard.

Harry Potter cupcakes

3. Mario just got delicious.

Any love for Mario Cupcakes? I baked my way to an invite to an otherwise all-guys Mario Chicken Party :D

4. You'll be eating these cupcakes more than whatever Pac-Man normally eats.

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5. Dexter's cupcake has some style.

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6. Captain America cupcakes are the next best thing to Captain America.

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7. The cake that Gotham deserves.

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8. A cake bigger than the movies.

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9. Stick this cake into your computer.

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10. The dark side has the best cake.

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11. The cake of too many superheroes.

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12. All video games should be in cake form.

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13. Good luck searching for stuff on this screen.

Did you mean: TRAITOR?!

14. The best wedding cake ever.

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15. A cake written in HTML.

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