15 Crazy Near-Misses That'll Make You Happy You're Just Sitting On Your Couch

It's cool, you can breathe.

There's nothing like a near-catastrophic accident to remind you there's a heart pumping in your chest and that two feet on the ground is probably the best way to go about living. That's essentially the feeling captured on /r/nonononoyes, a subreddit dedicated to the very finest in prompting acid reflux and pushing you to the exact moment right before throwing up.

Delightful, right? Don't worry, all of these situations work out. Quite well, actually.

See for yourself:

1. Blow out the candle flames, bud. Don't eat them.

2. Nice cut.

3. Dude, you're drunk.

Perfect pour

4. Be a flying squirrel? Nah.

What a nice view! Wait, where is he going?

5. Surprising this isn't a Meow Mix ad.

Always remember to remove cat before flight

6. Or, you know, just slow down.

7. More interesting than your average rain delay.

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8. Casual backflip.

9. Nice save, kid.

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10. We'd freak out for a while midair, too.


11. The unintentional wheelie.



13. Hey, kid. Kid. KI — never mind.

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14. Don't play chicken with trains.

15. Great aim.