This 13-Year-Old CEO Has A Bow Tie Business That's Probably Worth More Than Your Car

Kid entrepreneurs rock.

Kids these days are doing something right.

Take, for example, Evan, the 9-year-old kid behind EvanTubeHD who's making over $1 million a year for his YouTube videos. Or 15-year-old Noa Mintz, who was featured on CNN Money after starting a childcare agency that's now worth $375,000.


Now, cue Moziah Bridges, the 13-year-old whose bow tie business is completely taking off.

According to BET, Bridges appeared on ABC's "Shark Tank,catching the eye of Daymond John who then invested in the company and became Bridges' mentor. The two flew to New York City, and after a TV appearance, they got a call from Karen Katz, CEO of the Neiman Marcus group.

Now, Mo's Bows, a collection of handmade bows and men's accessories, has been sold for $200,000.

The designs are lighthearted and fun, and feature everything from floral prints to polka dots to music notes.

Moreover, "Mo's Bows just secured its first [partnership] late last year with Cole Haan," writes Moriba Cummings for BET. "To date, it has also solidified its deal with Neiman Marcus."

According Bridges' Facebook page, his grandmother taught him how to hand and machine sew the bow ties from scrap material. 

"I believe that I can make more happiness by making more bow ties," Bridges says in a trailer for his documentary.

(H/T: BET)

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