13 Teachers Reveal Their Juiciest Confessions

We'll never think of 'movie day' the same way again.

Before they're ever inhaling chalk dust or struggling to find a dry-erase marker that actually works, teachers are, first and foremost, people. Fallible people with quirks, habits, passions, and secrets that have nothing to do with the way they make a living in one of the most underpaid and underappreciated professions in the world.

Try to remember that as you read through these confessions from teachers who posted to Whisper. Consider this a class on our shared humanity.


I write lewd things on the cars at school I'm a teacher.


One of my students gave me an apple. I smoked weed out of it that night.


I'm a high school teacher, and I worked late to catch up last night. No one was around, so I went into the girls bathroom and wrote "Mr Smith is hot" on a stall wall


My secret: none of my students realize my husband and I are fully bisexual swingers and we are nudists as well. Teachers have lives after the last bell rings you know.


I work in a special needs classroom.  Everyone tells me how good I am at my job, but no one knows I secretly hate it. I don't even like kids.


When I tell a student "I know you can better than that" I don't always mean it. I just want the kid to believe in him/herself...And to quit acting up.


I am an elementary school teacher and a drug addict.


I'm a highschool teacher. I sometimes pair my students into groups with people I know they have crushes on. It's hilarious to watch.


I'm a kindergarten teacher. When I fart in class I blame it on my students.


Fell asleep in class today.  I'm the teacher.


I'm a teacher and when I'm hungover we have a movie day.


I flip off my students when their backs are turned. I teach third grade.


None of my students know that at night the entire art faculty, including myself, make street art around the city.

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