13 Facebook Reactions That Are More Accurate Than 'Wows' And 'Hahas'

"Ugh, not you again."

Yesterday, Facebook rocked our collective timelines by giving users new "Reaction" options alongside the classic "Like" button.

While "Love," "Haha," "Wow," "Sad," and "Angry" are all nice additions, there are still many reactions Facebook hasn't considered, but definitely should. 

Here are 13 reaction suggestions that show how most of us actually want to respond to a Facebook post:

1. "I was over this before I finished reading it."

2. "Ugh, not you again."

3. "I liked your post solely because I think you’re cute."

4. "That could’ve been a text message."

5. "Why did you post this picture? Are you trying to kill me?”

6. "I’m genuinely surprised I found that funny."

7. "That last engagement photo drove me to drink."

8. "You are the only one here I like anymore."

9. "I’m heavily considering buying you a dictionary."

10. "You could not pay me to care about this. Eh, maybe you could."

11. "I don’t actually like this, but I like you enough to throw you a pity like in this trying time."

12. "You’re wrong, but I'm not about to start a comment war."

13. "I refuse to reveal my reaction toward your cryptic status."

If you could relate to those Reactions, share this article on Facebook and maybe Zuckerberg will finally give us the update we desperately need — nay, deserve. 


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