This Isn't The Kind Of Reply You Expect With A 'Do You Like Me' Note, But It's Perfect... And Hilarious

Kids are amazing.

Reddit user lindsrae shared this fantastic note written by a friend's 11-year-old daughter to a male classmate.

The note is one that everyone will recognize: a "do you like me" inquiry with conveniently marked boxes for

[  ] YES


[  ] NO.

Simple right?


Love is NEVER simple, as evidenced by the boy's response.

The boy's reply?

"I don't know. I don't know myself yet. Plus I'm under a lot of stress at home so, I can't tell. 

P.S. You don't know yourself until you're 18."

Hmph. Well, at least he was honest. Hope he's doing okay: the "stress" part is cause for concern.

Message to the young lady who sent this to him: his loss. You'll find someone who checks "yes" with a huge X and is absolutely crazy about you. 

Best of luck to both.

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