In Less Than Three Minutes, Watch How Lipstick Trends Have Transformed In The Past 100 Years

The first long-lasting lipstick was created when?!

The Internet can't seem to get enough of these 100 years of beauty trends videos. From workout clothes to tattoos, we've been getting some serious history lessons in the evolution of fashion and beauty crazes in the past century. 

In the latest video of the kind, makeup artist and YouTube star Kandee Johnson takes us through time with different lipstick looks and the celebrity icons who donned them. 

She showcases every style from the bright orange and red colors popular in the '40s, to the white lipsticks popularized by girl groups like The Ronnettes in the '60s, to the dark matte look that's popular today. 

Check out some of our favorite trends from the video below:




(H/T: Huffington Post