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13 Designs Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face

More reasons to love the internet.

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'Desk Safari' Pranking Is The Newest (And Funniest) Way To Kill Boredom At The Office

9 to 5 doesn't sound so bad anymore!

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19 Things That Aren't Actually What They Look Like

You won't believe your eyes.

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You Won't Believe What Heat Maps Of Major Cities Revealed

Raw data has never looked better.

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Is This The Worst Job Interview Ever?

This is not a job we'd ever want.

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You're All Wrong -- Hello Kitty Is A Cat After All

She IS a cat. A girl cat.

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This Kid's Reaction To His Mother's Pregnancy Is Going Viral

I hope she's not going to ask him to share a room, because NO.

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These Guys Created A GoFundMe Campaign To Help Fight Police Brutality

"They won’t be able to hide behind the badge, they’ll have to follow the law — just like us."

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This Girl Just Ran Naked Through A Plaza For Free Tuition (NSFW)

Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices.

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Should You Catcall That Woman? This Playboy Flowchart Will Tell You

This flowchart will tell you.

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These Elephants Swaying To Classical Music Will Make Your Entire Day

Gentle giants of culture.

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Little Boy Handcuffs Himself To Uncle, Promptly Loses Key

Well, that's one way to get him to stay.

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100 People Willingly Pose For A Photoshoot While Being Hit With 300,000 Volts Of Electricity

This is literally shocking.

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Boston Bombing Survivor James Costello Weds His Nurse In The Most Beautiful Of Happy Endings

A truly happy ending.

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Before You Try To Prank Someone, You Should Watch This Video

If you're going to prank people, don't do it like this.

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You'll Be Wanting To Take A Good Nap After This Shocking Video

Taking a nap ASAP!

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Barbie Joins The Rest Of Us On Instagram

At 55, she's looking as young as ever.

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Couple Stumbles Upon Overweight Prairie Dog Adorably Stuck In A Dirt Hole

What happened next will amaze you.

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30 Perfectly Timed Photos Everyone Needs To See Before They Die

You couldn't replicate these if you tried.

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Playboy Model And Her Friend Dance With Random People In The Street

If you recognize Amanda Cerny, it's either from the October 2011 Playboy magazine or this awesome dance video.


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